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Intro Phaco Course 2020
Microsurgery Course 2020
Contact Lens
RLS_2021-01-12_Edmonds_Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
Resident Lecture Series: "Beyond the Sphere" - Above Expections Vision and Comfort
Cornea Update: Window to Disease - Corneal Manifestations of Systemic Illness - (CME)
Game Changers: Expanding Therapeutic Options Across the Subspecialties (CME)
RLS_Kolomeyer: Glaucoma & the Optic Nerve
Resident Lecture Series: Introduction to Gonioscopy: Monisha Vora, MD
RLS_2020-11-11_Debusk: Diplopia
Resident Lecture Series: Supranuclear Disorders
Ocular Genetics
Cornea Update: Corneal Dystrophies & Related Conditions with an Update on Genetic Assessment and Treatment (CME)
Chiefs' Rounds: 45 yo female presents with decreased vision OU
Oculoplastics & Orbital Surgery
Oculoplastics Update - Eyelid and Lacrimal Problems (CME)
RLS-Orbital Surgery_Bilyk
Resident Lecture Series: Conjunctival Tumors in a Nutshell
Resident Lecture Series: Survey of Conjunctival Tumors
RLS_2021-01-13 Eagle - Intraocular Tumors
Visiting Professor Series: Diva Regina Salomao, MD
Pediatrics & Strabismus
RLS_2020-11-05_Gunton:Evaluation of the Apparently Blind Infant
RLS_2020-11-02_Engel: Strabismus Surgery Basic Planning
Retina Service Imaging Conference and Surgical Conference
Retina Update- Looking Forward - The Next Decade in Retina (CME)
Visiting Professor Series
Visiting Professor Series - Nicole Fram MD
Visiting Professor Series: Elizabeth Yeu, MD