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Resident Lecture Series: Overview: Clinical Decisions in Cataract Surgery
Resident Lecture Series: Patient Selection and Expectations
Contact Lens
RLS:DX & Management of Ocular Symptoms related to Concussion & Acquired Brain Injury
RLS: Contact Lenses 101
Resident Lecture Series: Herpes Simplex & Herpes Zoster Anterior Segment Disease
Resident Lecture Series: Keratitis: Acute & Chronic Bacterial, Fungal, Acanthamoeba
Visiting Professor Series: Steven L. Mansberger, MD
Resident Lecture Series: Medical Therapy for Glaucoma
Resident Lecture Series: Nystagmus
Ocular Genetics
Ocular Genetics Update - Retinal Diseases (CME)
Chiefs' Rounds: 45 yo female presents with decreased vision OU
Oculoplastics & Orbital Surgery
Resident Lecture Series: Orbital Imaging
Oculoplastics Update: Eyelid and Lacrimal Problems (CME)
Resident Lecture Series: Survey of Conjunctival Tumors
Ocular & Pseudo Tumors-Rapid Fire Cases and Clinical Pearls
Resident Lecture Series: Ocular Pathology-Uveal Melanoma
Resident Lecture Series: Ocular Pathology: Retinoblastoma
Pediatrics & Strabismus
Ophthalmology for the Pediatrician, Primary Care Physician & Allied Health Professional (CME)
Resident Lecture Series: Pediatric Eyelid Disorders
Retina Service Imaging Conference and Surgical Conference
Retina Update: Controversies in Retina 2018 :Debates & Discussion (CME)
Visiting Professor Series
Visiting Professor Series: Steven L. Mansberger, MD
Visiting Professor: Arif Khan, MD 2017-10-12