Retina Service Imaging Conference and Surgical Conference

This course consists of 2 modules, with a total of 16 sections.

The Wills Eye Retina Service Imaging Conference and Surgical Conferences are interactive engaging forums during which our Retina fellows present multi-modal imaging of interesting cases and their management to the attendings of Wills Eye Hospital
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Course Content

Retina Service Imaging Conference
Retina Imaging Conference 2019-01-30
Retina Imaging Conference 2019-01-16
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-09-12
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-09-26
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-10-10
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-10-24
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-11-07
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-11- 21
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-12-05
Retina Imaging Conference 2018-12-19
Retina Imaging Conference 2019-02-13
Retina Service Surgical Conference
Retina Surgical Conference 2019-01-17
Retina Surgical Conference 2018-08-24
Retina Surgical Conference 2018-10-08
Retina Surgical Conference 2018-11-20
Retina Surgical Conference 2018-12-17

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